Mission Statement:

To provide a variety of quality snacks at the best cost to our customers.


King Henry’s is a family owned and operated snack-manufacturing company out of Valencia, California that focuses on three things: Cost, Quality, and Variety. For over 30 years, King Henry’s has brought premium candy, nuts, trail mixes, and assorted sweets to stores near you. King Henry’s offers a wide variety of high quality products ensuring that you get the most value for your dollar. In addition to manufacturing and packaging our own product lines, we also offer bulk sales, holiday packaging, and specialized private labeling. King Henry’s has a dedicated team of sales representatives leading our distributors all across the United States, as well as in parts of Mexico and Canada. We service a wide range of stores to bring King Henry’s products closest to you for your convenience.


King Henry’s was started by two former distributors selling snack goods in Portland, Oregon. Taking what they learned from their experiences, they jumped at the opportunity to develop a brand focused on lowering cost, providing better quality products, all while increasing the variety of products offered to the public. Having been distributors they brought a unique perspective to the industry. With cost in mind, they created a line of products that would leave both the distributor and the customer satisfied. Since then, King Henry’s has grown from the ground up into a company that now has over seventy employees and over 350 products.